Mentoring Program

In July 2019, the Leadership and Professional Development Committee is pleased to announced the launch of CAMPhA-Buddies, a mentorship program for members, by members. The objective of this program is to foster a nurturing, educative and engaging professional environment for participants. The mentorship program was officially launched at the 2nd annual convention in Las Vegas, NV.

The program is flexible to allow both in-person and virtual interactions and will run for a period of 12 months (July-June). The anticipated time commitment for mentors is 2 hours a month.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor or being considered as a mentee, we would love to speak with you further.

Please fill out the CAMPhA Mentorship Program Form below and we will be in touch. 

CAMPhA-USA Mentorship Program Form

Thank you for your unwavering loyalty to this incredible organization!

Kindest regards,

Dr. Suzanne Fote

Leadership and Professional Development Committee