Membership in the Cameroonian Pharmacists Association-USA is a privilege, which shall be extended only to Pharmacy professionals who continuously meet the qualifications, standards and requirements set forth in the Bylaws.

Categories of Membership

 Members (Full)

  1. Registered Pharmacists:
    Pharmacists licensed in any of the 50 states of the US. 
  2. Resident/Fellows: 
    Individuals enrolled in a recognized postgraduate program.
  3. Student Pharmacists: 
    Individuals pursuing a career in an accredited school/college of pharmacy in the US leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree.
  4. Foreign Pharmacists:
    Pharmacists licensed outside the US who is currently in an internship program and actively seeking licensure in the United States.

 Alternate Members

  • i)    Pre-Pharmacy students: individuals enrolled in an undergraduate pharmacy program
  • ii) Individuals specialized in any of the Pharmaceutical Sciences or have a degree in Pharmaceutical Research

a)    International Associate Members

  • i)    Pharmacists who are not registered with the Pharmacy Council and who neither reside nor practice within the borders of the United States. The registration of International Associate Members shall be as determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the bylaws.

b)    Corporate Members

  • i)    Any organization or corporation which shows interest in pharmacy practice and wishes to promote and support the mission and objectives of CAMPhA-USA

c)    Honorary Members

  • i)    Individuals who are elected for life by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees from among persons who are recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Mission and Vision of CAMPhA-USA.