Purposes and Objectives

CAMPhA - USA's purpose and objectives are:

  1. To advance the common professional and business interests of the corporation's members.
  2. Foster cooperative efforts among educational, research, industrial, and governmental personnel engaged in activities relevant to the Association's mission.
  3. Create opportunities to maintain a high level of ethical and professional standards in their professional practice through meetings, workshops, continuing education, and seminars.
  4. Establish and strengthen the links between other national and local pharmacy associations in the US and in Cameroon.
  5. To uphold and assist in the promotion and maintenance of the health of the people of Cameroon through the provision of a satisfactory and dependable patient care services.
  6. Promote effective communication between CAMPhA-USA and healthcare related professional associations/regulatory agencies in Cameroon.
  7. Help to strengthen good public service through programs, projects and inter-society collaboration with similar organizations in Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world.
  8. Provide a means to promote pharmacy education among Cameroonian students in the US and assist foreign pharmacy graduates or pharmacy students to achieve their professional goals.
  9. To provide a means through which advancement opportunities could be communicated to Cameroonian Pharmacists in the USA.
  10. To serve as a means to advocate for improved patient care in Cameroon.