Dr. Nachi Mbinkar

    Leadership & Professional Development Committee

    Dr. Nachi Mbinkar

    Nachi A Mbinkar resides in southern Maryland. She studied Computer Science at UCLA school of Engineering after which she proceeded to work in the role of a Programmer/Systems Analyst for the subsequent 13 years at Howard University, APS Healthcare, and Kaiser Permanente. During this time she also obtained her MS in Computer Science and a MA in Health Information Management.  In 2009, Nachi was admitted and attended University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy Class of 2013.  Nachi continued to work in the field of healthcare analytics prior to graduation in May 2013 at United Healthcare Managed Care.   During the last quarter of 2013 she was hired by Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, where she currently she plays the role of an IT Pharmacist. 

    The goal the LPDC Committee is to provide leadership opportunities for the members of CAMPhA- USA through various activities including a mentoring network, training activities and other opportunities that will promote personal growth. 

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