Dr. Sylvie Konhawa

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    Dr. Sylvie Konhawa

    Sylvie Konhawa-Kamdem is the Pharmacy Manager and owner of Greenbusch Pharmacy Located in Katy Texas. After Graduating from Law school in her birth country Cameroon, she practiced for two years and stopped to follow her husband in the United States in 2000. It has always been her dream to be a health professional. Sylvie went back to school and earned a Pharm.D from Texas southern University in 2007 with a Summa Cum Laude, this tells us she is very thorough and wants to excel in whatever she does. After graduation, she worked for a chain pharmacy as a Pharmacy Manager for 9 years and decided to start her own business so she could spend more time with her customers and give back to the community. Sylvie opened Greenbusch Pharmacy in 2016 and does compounding and traditional pharmacy. Sylvie has been a Katy resident since 2003 where she always gives back when available, as a current member of the KatyISD Health Science Advisory Council, KatyISD High School mentor and VIPS ( Volunteer in Public Schools). Sylvie enjoys gardening and reading, she is married and is a proud mother of four.

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