Ms. Xaveria Djoko

    Student Liaison
    PharmD Candidate 2018

    Ms. Xaveria Djoko

    My name is Xaviera Djoko M, Campha-USA student liaison and chair of the Student Outreach Committee. I'm a Pharmacist Intern currently on my APPE rotation. I completed the Maternal and Child Health Student Training for Academic Readiness and Success (MCH STARS) fellowship program from Texas Southern University and Baylor College and Medicine (TSU-BCM). I strive to see Cameroonian pharmacists come together, and bring great ideas to reality. My primary goal as student liaison is to make sure all Cameroonian student pharmacists benefit from every single opportunity available to succeed in their career. As a student liaison, I plan to work actively with the Board and all Cameroonian pharmacy students across the nation. I believe a successful career comes with careful planning from day one of pharmacy school. Our community is full of pharmacists of various background, and great resource for current students to utilize.  

    Xaviera Djoko Mekouguem, Pharm.D. Candidate 2018
    Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy | Katy, Texas

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